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Semplice is actively committed to finding unique, creative ways to recycle, and minimizing our impact on the world around us.

We recognize that convenience can lead to waste. At Semplice Catering we are focused on making your experience as convenient as possible, but we are equally focused on keeping our waste output to a minimum. This philosophy is reflected in the recycling of all cardboard, metals and plastics whenever possible in the appropriate manner.

We work with local shelters so that when there is an excess of prepared food we are able to share with these organizations and get to those who are in need.

In an effort to further shrink our carbon footprint we implemented the Goat Initiative. Unusable leftovers and food scraps (averaging 30 pound a day!!) are taken to Giorgio’s farm to feed his goats, chickens and other farm animals.

All this supports our goal of a cleaner environment through waste reduction.

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We Proudly Donate to Local Shelters


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