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Why Semplice?

Specializing in corporate and social catering for company meetings, private parties, events, business luncheons and other events in the King of Prussia, Valley Forge & Surrounding Areas. Convenient, flavorful solutions for you.

  • Chef Prepared Food
  • Freshest and Finest Ingredients
  • Flexible Menu Options
  • Exceptional Presentation
  • Easy Ordering
  • Last Minute Orders Available
  • Friendly and Experienced Staff
  • Solutions for Individual Needs
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roast beef with vegetable and herb sauce


Semplice will develop a customized menu to satisfy your unique needs and make your event a success.

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farm house with luscious greenery in front yard

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Semplice is actively committed in finding unique, creative ways to recycle and minimizing our impact on the world around us.

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Simple, Fresh, Delicious and Delivered! ...and Easy to Order!